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Web Development Trends 2021 you cannot miss

With the rapid evolution of technology, web developers need to stay updated with all the ongoing trends and developments. With more than 2 billion websites across the globe, companies are constantly competing with one on the other to be on the top front of the search engine. The reasons why the web developers need to discover the unique and innovative ways to stay up in the business because they have a huge role to help the online platforms to grow exponentially. The top minds of web development in Los Angeles has constantly focused on the continuous impact of the web development process and how there are dynamic and practical ways the developers must follow to bring in a significant impact on these online platforms.

The top web development trends of 2021 that you must follow are listed here –

Progressive web app development

Progressive web app development (PWA) is like native mobile application but are actually websites. It has been seen that upto 6% higher conversion rates are possible with PWA than with native apps. This is why they are trending forward and the developers have the objective to bring a mobile app like experience for its users. There will be more interactive and responsive in going times and this revolution is going to make a stand in 2021. The E-Commerce giants like Amazon, online platforms like Twitter and globally acclaimed websites like Forbes are combining the native and the web applications to increase their conversion and decrease the bounce rate. The advent of PWA has become a global brand identifier because of how they have fast loading and higher page speed. Given the rise in the number of mobile users this trend is going to stay here and how. Accessibility and reliability are the other two factors that will grow in 2021 and beyond.

Dark themed UI

This trend has been seen in various mobile applications but websites are also considering moving towards the night or dark themed interfaces. They are easier and safer for eyes. It reduces excessive strain on our retina and also makes it easy to read enhancing the visibility. Technically, it helps to save the battery life because the number of black pixels uses lesser energy in the device. Lastly, it has a more stylish touch and eventually gives a better user experience. This is going to be one of the key trends in web development in 2021. Any web development company of Los Angeles should now start focusing on how to get to this trend. Names such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Reddit, YouTube have already jumped on this brand wagon.

AI powered chatbots

The demand for Artificial Intelligence has been in the market for almost a decade. There has been a sharp increase in sophistication and the rise will continue in 2021 and beyond. The website will be more focused on building these chatbots which can work as virtual assistants. It is understood that chatbots are not very efficient but it can instantly engage the users when they land on a webpage. It provides faster responses and help businesses to avoid delays and customer drop off rates. They are also trained to collect data from the customers through a series of engagement which can provide relevant and better solutions. With the improvement, they now use natural language to create interactions with humans.

Single page websites

In 2020, this has been a big trend. In 2021 this is going to continue. Gone are the days when there will be extensive web structures and people would be using internet through their mobile devices which means it has to be easier to navigate. Single page website can minimize the page loading time and decrease the bounce rate. The simplicity means they are not expensive and is easy to develop as well as host. Minimalist designs, moreover, has seen to be more appealing to the millennials and the trend is going to be here for 2021.

Voice recognition technology

The top companies of web development in Los Angeles has predicted that internet of things will be of much more importance than ever in 2021. There will be improvement in one such area which is voice search. it is estimated that about 8 billion voice assistants will be in use by 2023. The voice E-Commerce is expected to dominate the market. Companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon are already using this technology and are looking for more development in the criteria.

Website security

Last but not the least, it is vital that web developers understand the risk of security breach. Companies are using digital platforms to operate their businesses which mean there is a lot of confidential and sensitive user information. 2021 will be the year where there will be stricter website security protocols.

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