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Had enough of spending thousands of dollars on your AdWords campaign with little or no results? Is it difficult to break even on your ad spend? What’s your ROI like? Are you even making any profits on your ads? Are you swamped with managing your adwords campaigns? Are you spending more time than necessary on building and managing your marketing campaigns? 

Google AdWords is Google’s own pay per click advertising program. Companies, organizations and businesses basically pay to get their ads in the top positions for targeted and relevant keywords on Google.

This sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, the truth is Google adwords is even more difficult given that the average cost per click is at an all time high and people are losing $100,000s daily.

However, with the right team of seasoned and qualified Google AdWords experts like we have at Top It Marketing, we can help you and your business get the maximum results you sorely need and remarkable returns on your investment.

At Top It Marketing, our team of qualified Google AdWords professionals can help you. Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Combined experience of decades running and optimizing complex and delicate google adwords accounts for our clients
  • Detailed and meticulous keyword research.
  • We craft persuasive ads, split test ads and tweaking for maximum targeted clickthroughs, returns on investment and conversion rates.
  • Reduce and decrease your average cost per click.
  • Improve your website’s quality score.
  • Generate more leads, targeted traffic, customers, revenue and profits.

All Google AdWords campaigns are unique and customized for each client. So, you’ll get ad campaigns that are tailored to enhance your business’ strengths, while eliminating any waste.

All client ad campaigns are doggedly monitored and evaluated for performance and results. Ads with lower ROIs or even losses are then either improved on or completely gotten rid of while performing ad campaigns are retained and tweaked for even more improved results.

To successfully manage your adwords campaign, generate qualified traffic and leads for your business, you need to talk to us at Top It Marketing NOW!