Dispensary Marketing

Market-Ready strategy for your dispensary to meet and target customers

Dispensary Marketing

Finding ways to market product to the target audience more effectively while realizing the regulations in regards to your cannabis retailer


There is an inherent volatility in the cannabis business.

Cannabis brands, cultivators, processors and dispensaries need a proper and diligent marketing strategy that can yield sustainable success. From unprecedented challenges to diminished market share, it is critical to have fine tuned marketing and execution plans. If you are looking for cannabis marketing consultant, or want to revamp & optimize the existing marketing strategy, Top It Marketing Inc. will have you covered. Coordinate your digital assets with the pros of SEO, SEM and SMM and grow your dispensary marketing.


How we work

Top It Marketing Inc. provides an array of digital marketing services, such as brand placement and niche consulting related to the cannabis verticals and dispensaries across Los Angeles. Whether you are an industry start-up or an established cannabis company, our expert work style will help in your digital asset management. You need strategic consultation for growing your business in medical cannabis space and adult-use. Our team will help you win the race.


Our areas of focus


Your loyal clients need to see you regularly online and our expert search engine optimization professionals are aware of how to promote and place dispensary marketing in the virtual market place. Be it for recreational purpose or medical researches, there are complex nuances and challenges of the rapidly emerging cannabis industry and needs precise SEO to make your mark in this hyper-competitive niches or micro-industry.


Protecting a digital asset and reaching out to the right audience makes a key component of any marketing, including dispensary marketing. Seamless and rapid interaction with the existing as well as future customers need proper strategies and includes perpetual content marketing. Leave it to the experts for best results.

Brand placement

Positioning a cannabis brand while understanding the uncertainty of its medical and recreational adult-use demands a careful navigation and determination. To bring success for your brand, mapping out a cohesive strategy along with the right tools calls for a full-time marketing effort.

DEVELOP your Cannabis DIGITAL BRANDING with marketing that works