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Why and How Should You Improve Your SEO Rank?

SEO has undergone some changes and Google has included some interesting updates for 2021 which will enable the site rankings to position themselves higher in the search engine. SEO company Los Angeles lays down some impactful tricks that would bring higher traction for websites and brands. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) fluidity is an important concern for Google in 2021. It has upgraded its algorithm, 500 to 600 times. This requires the up-gradation of the website at least once every single day of the year. The Los Angeles SEO company list some SEO priorities and the way to overcome them in 2021. Adhering to 75% of them will help improve your ranking and maintain an upward position on the search engine. If you are planning to take care of your SEO by yourself then keeping an eye on regular Google updates is a must, unless you want to be left behind by your competitors. The other way is working in tandem with an SEO company Los Angeles, that knows all the fresh tracks in the business to help you grab the best market position.

What are the main Google lookouts in 2021?

  • An eye on the core web vitals which include measuring the speed of your website, responsiveness, and visual stability.
  • Google regards the page uploading speed, the model Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)which should be less than 2.5 seconds or faster.
  • The other important lookout is first input delay (FID), which measures your page responsiveness. This determines the length of page interaction, the standard time is less than 100 Ms.
  • The third important lookout is cumulative layout shift (CLS) this allows proportionate stability to the website and the visual page content barring unexpected layout shifts and that should be less than one second.

How does Google measure it?

Google introduces tools that can measure the core web vitals, which provide an insight into how healthy your website vitals are. It is a good idea to do some amount of research at your end to understand the reports and work on the areas that can be improved. If you can follow this from the start, your ranking is sure to scale higher in Google. 

The tools include:

  • lighthouse
  • Chrome UX report
  • Google Search Console
  • Web Vital Extension
  • PageSpeed insights
  • Chrome DevTools

Google emphasizes Passage Raking optimization

  • This was included in 2020 when Google started the practice of passage ranking with the whole page raking. 
  • Google laid importance to this as other than the page some relevant segments could be separated from the page and made to appear in the exact customer search even when the page is covering a different topic than the SERP. For example, you are looking for steel production in China in 2021, there could be an article discussing the quality of steel produced in China in 2020, but in its introductory statement it mentioned the production quantity, and this would be highlighted and SERP according to your keyword.

Importance of featured snippets

  • These appear in a zero position at the top of the SERP rectangular box. 
  • SEMrush recommends the use of long-term keywords. 
  • Single-word keywords that make to the featured snippet are 4.3%.
  • Five-word keywords that make to the featured snippet are 17%
  • Ten words keywords that make to the featured snippet are 55%.

Using questions is a good way to attract searchers.

  • Use questions as most people ask questions when they are searching.
  • Frame your content with questions in the title, subtitles and in between the text. 
  • SEMrush identified words like ‘why’, ‘do’, ‘Can’ as highly featured snippets. ‘Where’ on the other hand did not perform well enough to be featured. 

Formatting counts

  • The four featured snippets are paragraph, list, table and video. Content planners must include these. 
  • The most significant information that is easily attainable as a fast answer features in the featured snippet. Make sure that you are dishing your content for a fast search. 
  • While you craft content for serious long paras, keep in mind the short and clear points that would attract the featured snippets. 

Stick to EAT

  • Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (EAT) as this is a significant measurement for Google. 
  • An authentic site that delivers trustworthy content will rank much higher. 

Holding up the brand despite competition

  • You might think that it is difficult to stand out amid competition, but there is a way to find your grounds. Request reviews on reputable websites where your product is being sold. 
  • High-quality links from other sites to your website will help you grow notches high. 
  • You should be active in public forums and encourage your brand mentions. 
  • Your website content must strictly adhere to EAT supported with case studies and other proofing initiatives. 

Multiple long-tail keyword helps

  • The search engine is much more advanced as Google recognizes subtopics of specific keywords.
  • If you are looking for Used Car parts, Google will show you used engines, used transmission, used truck beds, which would include a whole gamut of used auto parts with a budget and highly sold in-demand parts. 
  • This increases the competition for shorter tailed keywords with three words. Instead, phrases on related topics would feature better such as used engines for sale or used cheap transmissions have a better chance to be found. This phrase must be included in your content along with other long-tail keywords. 

Create new and fresh content

  • Keep updating with fresh content and a special focus on Page title, content headers, subheads, an image alt text with the new keywords used. 
  • 4.4 million blogs are published every day, and millions of people are looking for freshly updated content to answer their questions. 
  • The content date is relevant as users search by date. If your content is outdated, you are left behind. 
  • The publishing frequency is directly related to your rank. 

Updating old content

  • While creating new content, keep updating old content.
  • 2021 SEO techniques specifically harp on this. 
  • Don’t let the hard work fizzle away, so update the time to re-rank the old content. 
  • You can do a link audit and fix a broken link; this will automatically update the outdated content. 
  • Google penalizes outdated links; you will be saved with this exercise and your ranking will improve. 

User experience is important

  • Be careful not to have a high bounce rate, dwell time, as Google watches these along with the click-through rate. 
  • The user should spend at least 3 minutes on every site. 
  • The website should be mobile and responsive.
  • Navigation should be seamless and easy.
  • Page loading must be quick.
  • Fast user interactivity is necessary. 
  • The content quality should be high with optimized images and there should be no spelling, grammatical mistakes, or typos. 
  • Add backlinks to increase brand authority.
  • In 2021 social media is the platform most sought after for content sharing. 
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How Do You Know You Are Hiring the Right Digital Marketing Agency?

When it comes to selecting a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, companies have high expectations without knowing what digital marketing means. The usual pick is high ranking top marketing companies in Los Angeles that have already carved a niche in digital marketing and advertising, for those who can afford it and the rest settled with the lesser-known companies struggling to understand what the company will provide along with their corresponding research that goes side by side.

It is said that little knowledge is dangerous, and rightly so in cases where clients have learnt a bit about the digital market and its potentials. However, the subject is so vast that without drinking deeply it is difficult to understand the weight of this highly effective marketing instrument. Companies must understand their expectations from digital marketing and what would determine their success tying up with a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles

The first question that a company can ask a digital marketing agency is how will digital marketing add value to their product?

Ask for defined planning or a flow chart that the company will plan to create convincing success.

A road for various business openings that reaches out to wider market space. 

You can ask for the date of advancement in marketing and how the company wishes to cover the milestones with advancing marketing initiatives.

You can ask how long it will take for you to see the results?

While you would like to bind your agency to a time frame of weeks, months and years, it is an acknowledged fact that digital marketing conversions do not happen instantly. 

You should state your expectations clearly but must understand that the success of your product in the digital space can take months or even a year. 

Companies that bind success within a limited timeframe, do not understand the capacity of digital marketing.

How would you know that your digital marketing initiatives have been successful?

You need to understand that the KPIs used will add interest to your business. 

The value that the marketing initiatives add to your business is the actual measurement of success. 

Before hiring top marketing companies in Los Angeles, ensure that they have the capabilities of measuring your success and the capacity to build the right position for you in the market by floating the best marketing strategy. 

A strategy that would gain the maximum profit and up your sale bandwidth by a few notches.

Can you meet the analyst and strategist who will lay down defined roles?

When the account is being discussed it starts with the sales team.

The account exchanges hands and passes over to the analysis and strategy team. 

Have a clear discussion to understand their expertise and whether they have the experience to make a difference to further your digital goals. 

How familiar are they with your industry and whether their knowledge has enough depth to understand the typical terminologies that guide your industry? 

If they do not have enough experience but are still willing to take up the challenge, are they willing to upgrade their knowledge to justifiably plan a strategy?

Can the company handle an account of your size?

Look at their client list and portfolio if you are a large company and not willing to risk working with lesser-known companies. 

Look for constructive case studies initiated by the company. If there is a similar client like you that they have dealt with, it will help you to understand their skills better.

You can check if the company has the necessary tools that will take the product line to expansive marketing areas.

If you are a large company then you can inquire about automation tools that would increase work and manpower efficiency. 

Can you change your marketing plans from time to time?

Digital marketing is reliant on aggressive change of strategy and plan, is your digital marketing agency Los Angeles capable of the change? 

Do they understand that after testing one strategy, if it does not work, they must adopt a different strategy? 

How do they handle the need for readoption? 

What is their way of evaluation and evolution? 

Ask them to talk about their innovative strategies that worked successfully for other companies and some of their success stories. 

Can they handle eBooks and whitepapers that demand in-depth research? Will they be able to research, or will they need to hire a third-party research source? 

Are they working with the standard software, or do you have a unique home sourced software?

Learn about the tools that they use, how updated are they with them. Some companies use their self-developed tools, you can understand how advanced they are and in what way will they benefit your business. 

Who will be the point of contact from the agency that will manage the account?

Will the correspondence with the company be channeled through a team, a single point of contact or software? 

Ask the agency to define the period and mode of communication. 

Since campaigns and bites will require dynamic decision making, will the changes to the campaign strategy be made after discussions or will the agency do the same after the periodic meetings or quick meetings with the client? 

Sometimes the call to the sudden change in big business houses is dependent on a team of executives, but the business decision is crucial to the product and needs a quick enactment of strategy. In that case, both the agency and client need to figure out a balanced agreement for the best interest of product promotion. 

Can you share how the team stays up to date?

Each agency has a plan to upgrade employee knowledge with training programs and workshops. 

Most agencies flaunt this on their product portfolio. You can ask for details and the company will be most willing to discuss and share the knowledge capsule that employees are given from time to time. 

While every agency has its working style, one must look at the innovation and willingness to work attitude. However, when clients have a lot at stake the agency that has experience gets greater attention. For understanding the agency’s capabilities clients have to do a thorough reading themselves to understand what would work and what would not, but time devoted to doing the research will draw them away from their core area of operation. Therefore, it is advisable to hire an experienced digital marketing agency Los Angeles that will take the responsibility in building full proof marketing plans. Visit

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Importance of digital marketing for businesses in 2021

Any business’s main objective is to attract as many clients and customers as possible. The key to attracting them and generating leads is through marketing. Traditional forms of advertising, such as billboards, television, and YouTube, will continue to be used by businesses in the coming year. However, by 2021, the majority of forward-thinking organizations will be relying solely on digital marketing. The reason is straightforward. In the year 2020, we will have firmly entered the digital era. We’ve been driven into it by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, businesses have been forced to switch to a digital model in order to survive.

When you will speak with the experts of digital marketing agency Los Angeles, you will realize that turning digital is both productive and cost-effective and is the only efficient transition during these trying times. The value of digital marketing stems from the fact that it offers a variety of new alternatives. Businesses will continue to profit from this trend in the coming year. Digital marketing appeals to the younger age, who makes up the majority of a company’s clientele.

The laws of SEO are always changing

Since the majority of firms have switched to online marketing, SEO has become a necessary skill to master. Search engine optimization influences whether or not a company’s website or blog is visible to search engine users. It is critical to the company’s website’s success and can be the difference between generating more leads and going bankrupt. Small company entrepreneurs have upskilled in areas like social media, SEO, and analytics, according to 76 percent of small business owners. This is where the value of digital marketing enters the picture. SEO methods are constantly evolving. People who aren’t familiar with SEO regulations and techniques won’t know how to assist a company expand.

The Importance of User Experience

User experience (UX) design is a buzzword in digital marketing, and it can be quite beneficial to organisations. The user can have fantastic experiences thanks to UX. It can be used to produce products and services that are enjoyable to use and interact with. The year 2021 is shaping up to be one of high-end, innovative user experiences. People are growing more discerning when it comes to the appearance and aesthetics of the items and services on offer. When customers visit a company’s website, they want a meaningful experience. Another argument for digital marketing’s usefulness for firms in 2021 is that it can assess the Core Web Vitals and advise UX design adjustments as needed.

Customers can be engaged and retained with social media

Because there is still no information on when a COVID-19 vaccination will be ready, many individuals will likely continue to work from home, and most people will go out less frequently than before. And millennials and Gen Z are likely to spend a significant portion of their day on social media. As a result, rather than placing adverts on billboards, businesses will prefer to market themselves on social media and generate buzz. Companies across industries are increasingly depending on social media as a cost-effective digital marketing technique. Social networking can assist in attracting new customers and converting leads.

In 2021, social media can help businesses reach new audiences and reconnect with old clients. Because digital marketing professionals can figure out the current social media trends and know how to exploit them, the value of digital marketing for firms becomes clear. They can assist firms in 2021 by keeping track of new features provided by social media networks.

The value of digital marketing is tied to cost-cutting

One of the main reasons for the importance of digital marketing is that it is less expensive than most other marketing methods. The pandemic has taken a toll on all firms’ finances, and no company will be unaffected by 2021. As a result, cost-cutting strategies are a major focus for all companies. Digital marketing is profitable since it generates a high return on investment (ROI) and expands the audience’s breadth and reach. Despite this, organizations can use digital marketing data to gauge the performance of their sales strategy on a shoestring budget. Without incurring a large financial loss, marketing tactics and campaigns can be adjusted.

Online retailers will benefit from this

Traditional retail is being pushed out of business by e-commerce. People find e-commerce to be just too handy! Furthermore, the epidemic has compelled the purchasing of things – whether food, clothing, books, phones, or furniture – via the internet. Even companies that previously did not offer their products online are now doing so. There is no longer any way to draw a large number of people to retail stores. The role of digital marketing is critical to these companies. In 2021, digital marketing methods will be at the forefront of their sales strategy. Digital marketing will aid in the establishment of the company’s brand identity.

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Can colors impact web designing and development?

Choosing the right color for any web design project needs a lot of thought and understanding. While copy, sales-pitches and testimonials connect with the audience on a logical level, the color is used to communicate on a logical level. The appropriate color choice can influence buyer choices and also have a positive impact on the brand’s vision in general. Simply said, the perfect choice of color for website development is the most direct and fastest way to create an impactful first impression.

web development in los angeles

What do colors mean?

There is no formula to call a color the perfect color because it will always remain a personal preference. Each color can influence people in various ways. The experts of web development in Los Angeles can help build in selecting the shades which can rightfully trigger the emotions –

Warm colors –  it will immediately have an energetic effect on the visitor, but if not complemented with a right shade it tends to over-stimulate. This is why they are balanced with cool and neutral colors. Generally speaking, red signifies active, emotion, passion, love, strength and intensity; pink is about playfulness, romance, sweetness and warmth; orange is enthusiastic, warm, determining, success and friendly; and, yellow is lively, youthful, optimistic and fresh.

Cool colors – As suggestive, this presents a calming effect on the audience and is very common for website development. However, overusing them might leave an impersonal and cold feeling. Green presents fresh, calm, relaxed, trust, peaceful, hopeful, healing; purple is for glamour, nostalgic, power, luxury, ambition, spiritual; and, blue is comfort, clarity, trust, integrity, loyalty, calm, reliability.

Neutral colors – These colors can go well with both warm and cool colors. Web developers use it to tone down the primary colors and also create a sense of balance in the design. The shades like gray, brown, black reflects wisdom, patience, modern, elegance, friendships, earth, outdoors, credibility, simplicity, and endurance.

Color psychology and brand recognition

When you have to facilitate brand engagement, you have to concentrate on the choice of colors. Whether you want to attract attention desire or want to drive conversions, the right choice of colors is necessary to make a difference. Apart from adding the general meaning each color conveys, brands also use certain trends to grow their recognition. For instance, restaurants will follow red and orange mostly, financial institutions such as banks will prefer blue and luxury products will be typically in purple or black. Think of any iconic brand and you will have a mental image of their logo color.

Color theory in web design

Once you are aware of how the colors are affecting your audience, you can confidently mix them and use more intentionally.  Color theory is the science behind the interaction of colors on the color wheel. When it is followed, it can work well for a design. The  commonly accepted structures include – complementary, triadic and analogue.

If you want to make more nuanced choices as that of the experts of web development in Los Angeles, you can consider the following points –

  • Contrast – this highlights on the dividing elements of the page which can either help in supporting the readability of text or making a specific portion of the page clearer.
  • Complementation – this is about how each colors mix with the others. For instance, when you use contrasting shades of spectrum they might be more visually appealing than when you use the shades near to each other
  • Vibrancy – this helps to affect the emotional response of the visitors like how the brighter colors can make it look more energetic and the darker shades can let you focus more on the content

If you are looking for a name that can help you create a web design that it appropriate to its aesthetics and also usability, visit

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Are you aware of these 3 points in building SEO with influencer marketing?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the pillar of digital marketing. Before you could grab twenty winks, there will be new trends and updates being introduced in the SEO. It is imperative for website owners as well as digital marketers to apprise about the latest developments. SEO allows your site to appear on the top ranks of the result and you have to follow some basic steps for the upkeep of your website’s visibility in the SERPs in 2020 and beyond.

Cultivating meaningful relationships with influencers and using them to improve the digital marketing practices can be a mutually beneficial thing. Creating collaborative content like an interview series or industry report is one of the perfect strategies that the top SEO companies  follow.

Influencer Marketing is one of the positive developments seen in SEO strategies and can yield high organic traffic. Banking on how success breeds success, influencers  help search engines in improving your SEO ranking

SEO and Influencers

One of the newer components of internet marketing is the involvement of influencers. Thriving for the right attention in this competitive world is not a cake walk. To get the users engaged as readily as they did once will need to stand out as a businesses. But how will you create the noise when there’s already a clutter of content. This is why the best SEO companies is taking up influencer marketing who has the potential to reposition your business and boost your brand exposure. Partnering with the right influencer enhance the reach of your content and eventually add to the traffic to your website. Leave it to the SEO experts to find out how they can find the right influencer who is relevant to your industry and demographic.

Fresh content for the brand

While some brands have tight rein on their kind of content, many let influencers understand and create relevant copy titles or content (text, image or video). They specialise in creating content that are not just informative but engaging and fresh.

Inbound links

Quality back links are still very much part of quality SEO. Source’s authority, relevancy of the linked material and quality of the page linked from re the pillar factors that will most likely boost your traffic.

Omni channel presence

As influencers attract a greater volume of traffic through various channels such as blog posts, slideshows, podcasts and more, tying up with them for brand promotion can be a smart way of endorsement. With the right SEO technique, influencers focus on a range of platforms, and can add multilevel campaigning for your company.

It is people who read the online musings of the marketers and not machines. With refined search engine algorithm over the past years, using influencers can help add credibility and authenticity to your brand.

Reviewed to be the top boutique digital marketing agencies since, Top It Marketing works dedicatedly to grow your business into making more profits by building your brand and generating leads. That being said, should you wish to take your business to the next level, get in touch with the team at

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What to expect when working with boutique digital marketing agency

Did you know that the total U.S. ad expenditure has exceeded $250 billion? However, if you look at the industry, you will find it fragmented. Digital channels are increasingly dominating, the channels for marketing spend, and earning scopes are getting varied than expected. This is why it is imperative for brands to understand when they need to shift their focus in response to the need for marketing and get expertise across all channels.


The one-size fits all agency model is almost a thing of the past. Small, boutique digital marketing agency is what is getting increasingly in demand specially in the advertising environment as clients move away from the “agency of record” model but is more interest in more project-based work.

What makes the boutique digital agencies a trusted one?

Personalized, expert attention

Large agencies are mostly equipped to serve large accounts, however, what they may not be able to deliver is the nuanced, personalized attention which the smaller or mid sized clients look for in the specialized projects. This is when the boutique agencies come in and are in a unique position to provide individualized, efficient and expert service to all clients. It is not uncommon for large agencies to make a pitch to the small-to-medium-sized client when they get hold of small accounts. But that can breed inefficiency and also be disastrous in terms of data-sensitivity. Whereas, when the smaller, experienced staff takes care of the projects, it means that top talent touches all accounts. So, companies can actually talk to the CMO or CEO during the onboarding and sales process, and can throughout benefit as long as the engagement continues.

Flexibility and responsiveness

Lack of responsiveness is often one of the biggest complaints which the small to mid-sized businesses speak about when working with the big digital marketing agencies. In a traditional agency, it is at times overwhelming to move the elements of a given campaign and make an impasse through standard channels punctually. The bottom line? No one likes to take ownership of project workflow in big companies which affect the result. Small agencies understand this and knows how to develop close relationships with client touch points. Also, being a close knit team, they can make everyone involved in managing the accounts holistically. Overall, in small boutique agencies, you will never feel the miss of the human component.

Individualized attention and focused expertise

It might seem we are overstating but the importance of the individualized attention can add a lotof value for each client. Boutique agencies have fewer clients than the bigger agencies. This gives them the scope to pay more attention to each and every client more thoroughly. Also, this helps to build skills in specific verticals  which makes them perfect to run campaigns. No matter how much hyper-local campaigns you are running, no one can handle it better than the boutique digital marketing agency.


Big agencies will most definitely have big overheads. This will include everything from the cost of office space, employee benefits, salaries and perks along with the cost of the industry tools and technology. Similarly, the sales and on boarding process will also be much expensive for large agencies and will generally look for a commitment that can go on for a minimum time period of six months or more. With boutique agencies, there can be smaller clients for shorter time periods and even payable at hourly rates.


Clients that work with large agencies will not always get the details of where all their money is going. Even though there will be analytics available for the digital ad spends, there will always be some intangible factors which will never be seen on paper, for instance the ones that goes into cost of development, media planning, and deployment.

Unless you’re working with a boutique agency, these costs will be there forever because they will have almost all parts itemized and reported on that can help you know the worth.

Fostering transparency between the client/agency relationships can be done when you are working with Top It Marketing. Visit to find out more.

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Choosing internet marketing company

The digital world is changing and how. It has become imperative for the business marketers to invest in the digital world more than ever.

With capacity to access digital services getting more than ever, the way how businesses are thought and done has changed. The expert minds of internet marketing companies in Los Angeles now focus more on the advertising, marketing and campaigns of web based platforms.

internet marketing companies in los angeles

The key role of these marketing agencies is basically to advertise, market, promote or otherwise create awareness. Depending on its marketing goals, the agencies use various channels to get the necessary results.

Why should you promote brand and business online-

  • Online marketing for all
  • More interaction with target audience
  • Mobilization
  • Cost-effective
  • Conversion
  • Scope for better revenue
  • Brand reputation

When hiring best marketing company of Los Angeles, you need to discuss about their services. Some of the common services provided by them include but not limited to:

  • Web design and development
  • Video production
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media management

Three things you must consider before choosing –

  • planning and strategy – discuss how they can create  plans and achieve the overall business objectives and also appeal to the users
  • design and develop – ask how are they plan to leverage the latest combination of tools and services to help generate sales and improve the market presence
  • test and deliver – clearly discuss about how the experts will help to launch the marketing campaigns and reach to the target audience

While starting your online business, it is vital you have the right digital marketing agency that can create the perfect online place for you.  However, to find one can be a bit challenging because you need to compare and understand what kind of online presence you are looking for. The following tips can guide you –

Check the company’s work portfolio

Evaluate the experience of the company before you start working. Understand how much they can work for your project. Look at the portfolio to understand the usability and functionality of their previous projects. It will also give an estimation of their design and development skills.

Client reviews

To understand the competence, look out for the earlier clients that will give you insights about the potential of the agency. The team’s award and recognition is important.

Look for your compatibility

As you hire a digital marketing company, you are basically also hiring in a technology partner and actually find out whom you are spending your resources with. The team should understand the new and upcoming trends and incorporate them in your website and social media platforms.

Attention to details

Small details over the time can either make or break a brand’s image for which you need to work with an agency that has experience and understand how important it is to work in sync with the latest search engine rules and social media trends.

Approach towards usability

One of the very important parts of online retail businesses is to have the right usability. This can influence the customer experience and eventually affects the conversion rate, time on page, bounce rate and more.

Find out how they measure results

For the best marketing company Los Angeles, you need to find out about the results and how they analyze the different metrics. The best thing about digital marketing is that each and every factor of the campaign can be traced and worked upon. 

An experienced team of digital marketing in Los Angeles is the Top IT marketing who can understand your needs and goals about the business and work accordingly. To find out more about them, visit

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Understanding customer lifecycle marketing

You need to engage your customers to achieve continued sale and it is no secret that it is usually far easier and lower in cost when it comes to repeat business than to create new ones from scratch. This calls for proper customer relationship management which is a well-established term used to retain the relationship and continue a customer lifecycle.

Thankfully there are many options for marketing automation that can provide co-ordinated contact strategy to engage the audiences. If you are working with the boutique digital marketing agency, they will help you to engage your audience through options such as –

  • Automated email marketing,
  • Display ad,
  • Retargeting,
  • On site personalization,
  • Social media retargeting
  • Traditional channels such as phone or direct mail

Lifecycle marketing is often defined as creating a managed communications or contact strategy to prioritize and integrate the full range of marketing communications channels and experiences to support prospects and on their path to purchase using techniques like persuasive personalized messaging and retargeting.

boutique digital marketing agency

What are the customer lifecycle marketing activities?

When you need to show the importance of lifecycle marketing to managing communications you have to integrate the best results from digital marketing. There are channels on the social media platform and also from Search Engine Optimization which are referred to as always-on marketing techniques and helps in remarketing and influencer outreach. Content creation for different personalities is also an important part of the top of the funnel marketing activity and then lead nurturing in the bottom. Some of the other marketing activities include options like retargeting through email LinkedIn, Google ads and likewise.

Defining customer lifecycle strategy

The digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles will help you understand your required digital marketing strategy that can get you most and better lives. As the name suggests, life cycle marketing is about the study of the entire customer journey in an integrated way. It starts right from the contact and then narrows down through a given campaign. Instead of focusing on different campaigns, the always-on approach of marketing can help you look at the customers’ entire journey across all channels and devices. This in turn helps to optimize the messaging to align with the relevant touchpoints of the customers journey.

Why is personalization important?

Personalization in customer relationship is key to effective marketing. This is because, when you have a relevant and efficient personalization, it can help you increase the sales as well as the retention which are the objects of any lifecycle marketing plan. Recognising the customers as an individual is very important because it helps to continue the journey and if you have compelling and effective marketing messages, there is no stopping you. The second benefit is that it aligns with the point in the lifecycle where a potential customer is currently in, which means the marketing message from a brand which has a complete idea of where the customers are in their individual life cycles can tremendously impact the sales figure.

Applying life cycle thinking into social media marketing

One of the most powerful digital marketing channels these days is social media. It can help in maintaining the life cycle of the customer through the following options –

  • Reach – with organic and paid social media updates, it is possible to form an awareness
  • Act – get the proper paid social options that can generate leads
  • Convert – retargeting options for individuals so that it helps in increasing conversion
  • Engage – organic updates, retargeting, updating the customer lists can help you reach out to each customer individually

If you are looking for one of the most professional digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles, visit  They will understand the requirement of your marketing strategy and create an affordable and tailor made structure for your brand.

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Web Development Trends 2021 you cannot miss

With the rapid evolution of technology, web developers need to stay updated with all the ongoing trends and developments. With more than 2 billion websites across the globe, companies are constantly competing with one on the other to be on the top front of the search engine. The reasons why the web developers need to discover the unique and innovative ways to stay up in the business because they have a huge role to help the online platforms to grow exponentially. The top minds of web development in Los Angeles has constantly focused on the continuous impact of the web development process and how there are dynamic and practical ways the developers must follow to bring in a significant impact on these online platforms.

The top web development trends of 2021 that you must follow are listed here –

Progressive web app development

Progressive web app development (PWA) is like native mobile application but are actually websites. It has been seen that upto 6% higher conversion rates are possible with PWA than with native apps. This is why they are trending forward and the developers have the objective to bring a mobile app like experience for its users. There will be more interactive and responsive in going times and this revolution is going to make a stand in 2021. The E-Commerce giants like Amazon, online platforms like Twitter and globally acclaimed websites like Forbes are combining the native and the web applications to increase their conversion and decrease the bounce rate. The advent of PWA has become a global brand identifier because of how they have fast loading and higher page speed. Given the rise in the number of mobile users this trend is going to stay here and how. Accessibility and reliability are the other two factors that will grow in 2021 and beyond.

Dark themed UI

This trend has been seen in various mobile applications but websites are also considering moving towards the night or dark themed interfaces. They are easier and safer for eyes. It reduces excessive strain on our retina and also makes it easy to read enhancing the visibility. Technically, it helps to save the battery life because the number of black pixels uses lesser energy in the device. Lastly, it has a more stylish touch and eventually gives a better user experience. This is going to be one of the key trends in web development in 2021. Any web development company of Los Angeles should now start focusing on how to get to this trend. Names such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Reddit, YouTube have already jumped on this brand wagon.

AI powered chatbots

The demand for Artificial Intelligence has been in the market for almost a decade. There has been a sharp increase in sophistication and the rise will continue in 2021 and beyond. The website will be more focused on building these chatbots which can work as virtual assistants. It is understood that chatbots are not very efficient but it can instantly engage the users when they land on a webpage. It provides faster responses and help businesses to avoid delays and customer drop off rates. They are also trained to collect data from the customers through a series of engagement which can provide relevant and better solutions. With the improvement, they now use natural language to create interactions with humans.

Single page websites

In 2020, this has been a big trend. In 2021 this is going to continue. Gone are the days when there will be extensive web structures and people would be using internet through their mobile devices which means it has to be easier to navigate. Single page website can minimize the page loading time and decrease the bounce rate. The simplicity means they are not expensive and is easy to develop as well as host. Minimalist designs, moreover, has seen to be more appealing to the millennials and the trend is going to be here for 2021.

Voice recognition technology

The top companies of web development in Los Angeles has predicted that internet of things will be of much more importance than ever in 2021. There will be improvement in one such area which is voice search. it is estimated that about 8 billion voice assistants will be in use by 2023. The voice E-Commerce is expected to dominate the market. Companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon are already using this technology and are looking for more development in the criteria.

Website security

Last but not the least, it is vital that web developers understand the risk of security breach. Companies are using digital platforms to operate their businesses which mean there is a lot of confidential and sensitive user information. 2021 will be the year where there will be stricter website security protocols.

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Top SEO companies

8 SEO factors that will impact digital marketing in 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the pillar concept in digital marketing. SEO is constantly evolving, and if you have to stay on top of the latest updates, it can be pretty overwhelming. Top-ranking SEO performance needs a constant attention to traffic, backlinks, social shares and many other metrics. The experts of the top SEO companies can help you understand what your brand needs and here are the top points you cannot overlook in 2021 –

top seo companies

1. Role of Artificial Intelligence

How people interact with online content is seeing a complete change – thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Google’s AI algorithm is also seeing a noteworthy change. You need to captivate and engage readers and that is only possible through relevant and well-organized content. An on-page SEO checker is needed that can help you assess page strength depending on readability, backlinks, and more.

2. Impact of Voice Search

With innovations like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa, voice search technology is now the new normal. With getting better, technology got more popular. About 55% of households are predicted to own a smart speaker by 2022. Make sure to correctly consider your keywords which will optimize for voice search. Longer phrases are needed in the content because that is how normal everyday conversation goes. Natural-sounding phrasing works well with voice search.

3. Mobile-Friendliness

In 2019, Google rolled out mobile-first indexing. This change makes sense, as more than 73% of internet users are predicted to access the internet solely via mobile devices by 2025. To make sure your page is user-friendly, you need to have a page where Google can crawl your URLs. Check that you don’t have a “disallow directive” in place. Also, beware that Googlebot can see the so-called lazy-loaded content that can be bad for the site’s performance. Finally, ensure you use the same meta robots’ tags that works for both desktop and mobile sites.

4. Content following Google EAT Principle

Google has reiterated how content quality is vital for search ranks.  By quality, it refers to EAT principle: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These factors determine if it has useful quality content and is extremely important for business niches that fall under the “your money, your life” (YMYL) label, such as finance or health care. The best seo companies will guide you create the relevant content with proper keywords.

5. Long-Form Content

Did you know that long reads of 3,000-plus words attract more than thrice traffic and four times more shares? They also can achieve about 3.5 times more backlinks than articles of the average length of 901 to 1,200 words. Focusing on long-form content can provide higher search rankings but it should also maintain quality.

To achieve this, break up your content into H2 and H3 subheadings which are particularly important for mobile sites. Second, make sure to have relevant, authoritative sources and should be easy to share. Get it optimized for search.

6. Featured Snippets

Rolled out in 2017, had seen a huge popularity and are a sort of shortcut to gaining prominence in Google. They are brief and informative. Scoring a featured snippet is an easy way to get on the coveted first page of results and can get significant traffic from competitors.

7. Predictive Search

Google Discover, which was launched in 2017, created a new form of search that doesn’t even require a user query. Discover is one of Google’s AI-driven tools which recognize the behavioral patterns for content recommendation. There are more than 800 million active users Google Discover claimed. When Google indexes your page, it will be included in the search result.

8. Including Video

Online video is the way forward. For instance, YouTube has more than 1 billion users. A study by Cisco showed that video is projected to surpass all other content forms for consumption. Make sure to optimize your video channel’s name and description which is more than just keywords but with a user-friendly overview.

The other factors that will make an impact on the SEO includes –

  • Image Optimization
  • Semantically Related Keywords
  • Local Search Listings
  • Data and Analytics

Understanding buyers and visualizing their needs and behavioral patterns are necessary to create an optimized content with SEO. To make your digital marketing campaigns successful, get in touch with