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  • Responsive layouts that adjust for mobile and tablets.
  • Built with modern technologies like HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Highly customizable and user friendly web designs.

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Web Design and Development

Your visitors have an attention span of 3 to 4 seconds to decide whether or not they will stay on your website, or not. After years of testing website colors, images, codes, fonts, placement, logos, and so much more, we have become the ‘Pablo Picaso’ of all web design that converts visitors into your new customers. Plus, we design the website according to the best practices of the Search Engine Optimization language that search engines best recognize. This allows your website to not only be user friendly, but also search engine friendly as well.

We customize your websites functionality according to the structure of your business’s needs. With doing this, your business becomes more automated in a way where your website acts like it is on autopilot. From collecting leads, to compiling various data, to organizing and sorting everything properly, website development is key to making money while you sleep. With our extensive knowledge in identifying exactly what your business and website needs are, you can rely on our expertise in guiding you in the right direction.

Top It Marketing Makes It Super Easy To Have a Beautiful Website!

We have many ready made web design templates for you to choose from which will allow you to get your website up and running in less than 3 days. On the other hand, if it is a custom website that you’re looking for, then we have exotic talents ready to design you a 5-star website with class and elegance and intriguing call-to-actions that will sky rocket your conversions. Remember, doubling your conversions is the same exact thing as doubling your traffic. This means that we put a lot of attention to detail on the areas of the website design that will help double your conversions due to placement of great call to actions.

No matter what, a website is like your virtual business card or virtual catalog. Especially as this era continues to use mobile search, it is imperative to have your website mobile friendly so that people on their mobile phones can easily navigate throughout your website. Statistics show that by 2014, mobile search would have outweighed desktop search which only makes sense according to the fast and growing rate of millions of consumers purchasing smartphones and searching the mobile web more and more. Conclusion, having a website is always ‘step A’ in any business. Let Top It Marketing help you get there.

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