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Can colors impact web designing and development?

Choosing the right color for any web design project needs a lot of thought and understanding. While copy, sales-pitches and testimonials connect with the audience on a logical level, the color is used to communicate on a logical level. The appropriate color choice can influence buyer choices and also have a positive impact on the brand’s vision in general. Simply said, the perfect choice of color for website development is the most direct and fastest way to create an impactful first impression.

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What do colors mean?

There is no formula to call a color the perfect color because it will always remain a personal preference. Each color can influence people in various ways. The experts of web development in Los Angeles can help build in selecting the shades which can rightfully trigger the emotions –

Warm colors –  it will immediately have an energetic effect on the visitor, but if not complemented with a right shade it tends to over-stimulate. This is why they are balanced with cool and neutral colors. Generally speaking, red signifies active, emotion, passion, love, strength and intensity; pink is about playfulness, romance, sweetness and warmth; orange is enthusiastic, warm, determining, success and friendly; and, yellow is lively, youthful, optimistic and fresh.

Cool colors – As suggestive, this presents a calming effect on the audience and is very common for website development. However, overusing them might leave an impersonal and cold feeling. Green presents fresh, calm, relaxed, trust, peaceful, hopeful, healing; purple is for glamour, nostalgic, power, luxury, ambition, spiritual; and, blue is comfort, clarity, trust, integrity, loyalty, calm, reliability.

Neutral colors – These colors can go well with both warm and cool colors. Web developers use it to tone down the primary colors and also create a sense of balance in the design. The shades like gray, brown, black reflects wisdom, patience, modern, elegance, friendships, earth, outdoors, credibility, simplicity, and endurance.

Color psychology and brand recognition

When you have to facilitate brand engagement, you have to concentrate on the choice of colors. Whether you want to attract attention desire or want to drive conversions, the right choice of colors is necessary to make a difference. Apart from adding the general meaning each color conveys, brands also use certain trends to grow their recognition. For instance, restaurants will follow red and orange mostly, financial institutions such as banks will prefer blue and luxury products will be typically in purple or black. Think of any iconic brand and you will have a mental image of their logo color.

Color theory in web design

Once you are aware of how the colors are affecting your audience, you can confidently mix them and use more intentionally.  Color theory is the science behind the interaction of colors on the color wheel. When it is followed, it can work well for a design. The  commonly accepted structures include – complementary, triadic and analogue.

If you want to make more nuanced choices as that of the experts of web development in Los Angeles, you can consider the following points –

  • Contrast – this highlights on the dividing elements of the page which can either help in supporting the readability of text or making a specific portion of the page clearer.
  • Complementation – this is about how each colors mix with the others. For instance, when you use contrasting shades of spectrum they might be more visually appealing than when you use the shades near to each other
  • Vibrancy – this helps to affect the emotional response of the visitors like how the brighter colors can make it look more energetic and the darker shades can let you focus more on the content

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Web Development Services in Los Angeles

5 reasons you need to take web development seriously

When someone is given 15 minutes to consume any content, 66% of people will prefer to go through something to its entirety when it’s beautifully designed as compared to something that is very simple and plain. For your online marketing, having the right website design is vital.

The skill of adaptability is what the social world looks for. In a digitally driven life style, there is no chance but to adapt to the technology that is steaming up every now and then. The concept of designing website is very much the buzzword in the digital space right now. It’s no brainer that website development has been and will continue to remain one of the key points in digital marketing.

Website development is a process where people are aware of the services products and different other solutions that you are offering but your audience needs to understand if these solutions are relevant to them. Displaying these information, just like you get rest of the information through traditional branding or promotion need a proper approach. Social media networks and the various other platforms online is where you can connect with the customers. If you are wondering why the experts of web development company of Los Angeles are so much in demand, here are the five reasons to look into  –

It helps to set the first impression – when you make your website with the help of an expert designer and developer, your audience will have a beautiful first impression. This positive impact is very important to stop your potential customers from getting away. An appealing or outdated user experience on the website can leave a scar mark on your online presence.

Helps in search engine optimisation – a proper web development and design influences how it will rank on the search engine result page. The search engine spiders will index your website and crawl through the content properly when they have the right framework. Your on-page seo should be on the top notch otherwise whatever content your publishing will not reach your audience. The best way to ensure your web design practices is to partner with the proper web design agency who knows how to do it.

Worth the investment – when you are building up a website that has zero friction in the entire customer journey, navigating through the pages of your products and services, you are presenting yourself a set of trusted audience. However if you would have tried to do the same promotion and branding through the traditional method, it will cost you twice or quadruple to the budget that you are spending on digital investment.

It builds trust – a properly designed website helps to earn the trust of your audience. This is because the new age customers who are purchasing online or are looking for reviewed products are already aware of the good, bad and ugly. You cannot afford to have a poorly designed website because this will give an impression of your insincerity towards keeping up the expectation of your audience.

Improves your connectivity – your website is not just the online face of your company. It helps to expand the reach of your presence to your visitors. Responsive website design will make it accessible for an extensive range of users on not just desktop but over mobile, tablets and other handheld device. This exposure will help to gain organic traffic and in turn increase the ROI. A professional presentation will speak volumes about your business. To create a top-of-the-line website for your brand, you need to get in touch with the top it marketing. Visit to find out how their experience and how they can make your business grow further.