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The Ultimate Guide to How Google Ranks Websites in 2024 to Boost Visibility

The moment you hear about Google’s ranking parameters, it sends a chill down your spine. With multiple algorithms they use for ranking websites, you are often clueless as to where your business stands. One moment your website climbs a few places and the very next moment, you are down a few places. The only thing that saves businesses from declining ranks is SEO. No wonder search engine optimization has overtly grown to become a complex mechanism where experts dive into the best practices to assist business to stay on the top of search engine results.

Read here to know the factors based on which Google ranks websites today:


Nothing less than exceptional works when Google ranks websites based on content. Businesses should therefore dive into the best practices for content creation as it has a huge impact on the content quality. Ideally, the content needs to have a fresh approach, should be unique and helps users. The more the content addresses the users’ requirements the higher is the chance of the website to appear on the top of the SERPs. If you are not really aware of SEO meaning, merely trying to optimize the webpage won’t help. Duplicate content also has a bad on the ranking factors.

Search intent and relevance of content

No matter how an SEO agency strives to tank a website, it won’t help much if the content does not match the search intent or is not relevant to what users search for. The web content needs to fulfil what a user is trying to accomplish through the search. Every search query on Google differs. The SEO experts need to understand what lies behind the query and take the right measures to address them. Often, Google displays more image-based content in the SERP, which implies you need to create videos and infographic to rank higher in the search engine.


Unless you know what SEO is, you won’t ever know how links from other websites impact Google’s ranking algorithm. Webpages with inadequate backlinks drive less organic traffic. However, you need to obtain backlinks from authority websites s they deliver more value to your existence. The backlink should add more value to the content for you to get higher ranking.

Website’s loading speed

You have been through this so many times and pretty much aware of how bad a user’s experience is when the website takes a hell lot of time to load. Imagine looking for a website to get information and it fails to load; the moment you step into the users’ shoes, you will understand their agony. Google factors in the metrics behind the website speed, which includes the overall speed and responsiveness of the website as well as the speed with which the fonts and images load. The SEO company Los Angeles needs to ensure that the website loads quickly and improves user experience greatly.

Domain Authority

DA or domain establishes your website’s expertise in a specific field and determines whether the website deserves to rank in the search engines. There are various ways to enhance the site’s authority like obtaining quality backlinks and creating fresh and unique content related to your industry.

Optimization of keywords

Another ranking factor you must not overlook is keyword optimization. Keywords should align with the terms and phrases that users’ type on Google search bar. Apart from this, you must include the target keyword in title tags, write click-worthy Meta descriptions, include keywords in image alt text and anchor text. Choosing LSI keywords helps the search engine figure out what the content is about. You need to optimize keywords for local SEO as well when targeting location-specific audience.

Security of the website

The security of your website is another factor that Google considers when ranking a website. Therefore, you website need to use the HTTPS protocol as it encrypts the data between the browser of the user and the website. If your site is yet to get the SSL certificate, it would be a good time to update it now.


Google has moved to mobile-first indexing since 2019, and since then it has been an important ranking factor. Your website needs to have the best functionality on desktop and mobile to help users search and obtain the information they need.

Here are the commonest factors that determine how well prepared you are for your website to rank in the search engines.  You can master these basic ranking factors to empower your position in the search engine. Why don’t you leave it on the experts of Top IT Marketing? Click here to hire experts who can help you conquer the complex algorithms of the search engine and appear in the top searches.

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