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Smile for Me is your trusted oral healthcare partner offering a range of services like cosmetic dentistry, teledentistry, and general dentistry. The dental clinic is committed to deliver comprehensive treatment options to patients. Thanks to a relaxing and welcoming ambiance where people can expect exceptional services and advanced care. They also offer sleep apnea and snoring treatments for children and adults. Patients here are greeted with smile and the dentists ensure that they feel confident about the treatments that aim to improve their oral health.

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Smile for Me had everything rooted for success and the clinic was devoted to not only treating patients but also educating them to make informed decisions. They had a team of highly-trained clinicians and the clinic takes pride in being a member of The Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association, New Jersey Dental Association, SPEAR Dental Education, ITI-International Team of Implantology, VIVOS, and ASBA.

 Despite having these accreditations and offering quality dental treatments the clinic still failed to attract local patients and were running operations with poor revenue. They needed to:

  • Strengthen the online presence and waited to appear on the search results
  • Increase local patient visits
  • Long term growth in the business of dentistry
  • Bring in more patients for the dental practice to stand out
  • Boost the practice

The TOP IT Marketing experts were approached when the business was thoroughly distressed with poor online presence and no local patient visits. Here is how we helped the clinic to grow:

  • Our experts aimed to take things up from the basics and helped them achieve a significant number of patient visits within just 60 days.
  • We created a good SEO foundation for the company for long-term success
  • Monitored conversion rates to choose the most effective organic SEO techniques for success

Meeting SEO requirements for success

  • Smile for Me owners were looking for strategies to grow their patient base and had a poor online presence
  • Wanted to spend their resources wisely for organic SEO for better visibility
  • Attract and retain visitors
  • Enhance patient loyalty

The team at Top IT Marketing took up when the business’s online presence was in ruins. By implementing customized SEO strategies, we enhanced their online presence and the patient base. We optimized the business’ presence on Google My Business to generate local search queries for the dental practice and ensured that patients find them easily.

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Smile for Me had nothing to look up to when they contacted the experts of Top IT Marketing for online success. They wanted the patients to provide more value to their business, and all this they needed without spending money on ads.

We analyzed their target market, implemented effective search engine strategies, and introduced techniques like page level targeting to ensure the clinic attracts local visitors. Our approach of organic lead generation took the business to new heights with specific set of patients within a record 60 days to generate business revenue.


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