TOPIT Marketing Drives Autoinfinite Car Rental Services' Revenue from $10-15k to $35-65k in 6 Months

Autoinfinite Car Rental Services, a leading car rental company, faced formidable challenges in scaling its business and boosting revenue. Despite investing in Google Ads, they grappled with high costs per lead (CPL), overwhelmed front desk staff, absence of a sales system or CRM, and ineffective lead follow-up processes. This resulted in low conversion rates, prolonged consultations, and missed revenue opportunities.

Marketing Solutions That Work

TOPIT Marketing stepped in to address Autoinfinite Car Rental Services’ pain points and achieve transformative results:

Strategic Ad Campaign Overhaul

TOPIT Marketing overhauled Autoinfinite's Google Ads strategy, focusing on crafting compelling ad content and precise targeting to optimize CPL. This led to a significant reduction in average CPL from unspecified to $25.

CRM Implementation

Recognizing the importance of efficient lead management, TOPIT implemented a customized CRM system for Autoinfinite. This facilitated better lead tracking, automated nurturing, and improved ROI measurement.

Pre-Qualification Process

TOPIT introduced a pre-qualification process for rental reservations, insurance requirements, and payment details during booking. This streamlined the reservation process, ensuring customers were ready to proceed, thereby reducing reservation times and minimizing no-shows.

Dedicated Sales Representative

To ease the workload on the front desk staff, TOPIT assigned a dedicated sales representative to handle lead follow-ups and pre-qualification processes. This allowed the front desk team to focus on customer service, while the sales rep focused on effectively filtering and qualifying leads.

TOPIT Marketing's strategies delivered remarkable outcomes for Autoinfinite Car Rental Services:

Revenue Surge

Autoinfinite's monthly revenue surged from $10-15k to $35-65k within just six months.

Improved Efficiency

The pre-qualification process and dedicated sales rep led to faster and smoother reservation processes, reducing reservation times and increasing customer readiness to proceed with rentals.

Enhanced Lead Management

With the CRM system in place, Autoinfinite gained better insights into lead flow, enabling more targeted and personalized lead nurturing, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Reduced Workload

Front desk staff were relieved of the burden of lead follow-ups, enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences and enhancing operational efficiency.


TOPIT Marketing’s tailored approach to addressing Autoinfinite Car Rental Services’ challenges resulted in a remarkable transformation, significantly increasing revenue and streamlining operations. By implementing strategic ad campaigns, CRM systems, pre-qualification processes, and dedicated sales support, TOPIT helped Autoinfinite achieve its growth targets and establish a more efficient and profitable business model.

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TOPIT Marketing stepped in to address Autoinfinite Car Rental Services’ pain points and achieve transformative results:

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