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Keith James, the renowned seller of hats and other accessories like leather bags, fragrance, and sunglasses is an embodiment of quality goods. From classic fedora hats to the trendy collections of snapbacks, the brand showcases its authenticity in each product. With a diverse range of designs and features that reveal their mastery, these amazing hats suit every individual’s temperament to the fullest. Whether to dress up for special occasions or to match with casual outfits in day-to-day life, the effortless quality and unparalleled sophistication impresses users.  

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Even with such premium hats to offer to customers, the brand was stressed with low lead generation. That is when they trusted the professionals of Top IT Marketing and handed over to us the task of lead generation. With out-of-the-box strategies, this is what our experts did:

  • They immediately got to the root of the problems and discovered that despite being a prominent lifestyle brand, their user interface was far less than impressive.
  • We acted on the absence of the call to action buttons that usually encourage buyers were surprisingly absent. The Homepage and the other pages looked unwelcoming and isolated unlike other lifestyle stores and fine-tuned that area as well.
  • Most of the organic and paid searches came from the brand loyalists only. The company needed a serious overhaul in terms of optimization and ad campaigns.

Thanks to our dedicated digital marketing experts for changing the company’s image and skyrocketing their sales. Take a look on where the company lagged and how we transformed their leads to an all-time high.


Exceeding expectations and fulfilling requirements

  • Keith James was under the spell of missing leads and their website lacked the fervor of a lifestyle brand.
  • With an equally poor user experience, all they expected from us was a major transformation that would get them more leads.

When the brand approached us, they conveyed their requirements with clarity and precision. They wanted the leads to grow and the sales to increase. It wasn’t an easy task for anyone, let alone a digital marketing specialist catering to diverse clients from different industries. But our experts could break the jinx and create a difference that led to success.

Fulfilling business objectives with guaranteed success

When we took over the ad campaign project of Keith James, the brand did not follow precision-targeted strategies. Naturally, our team had a huge responsibility of boosting their ad campaigns and engagement, and it was indeed an uphill task. Our aim was to make the brand harness the power of digital marketing strategies. The experts of Top IT marketing identified the deficiencies in their campaigns and the product pages and put the best foot forward to redefine their excellence as a premium hat seller.

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