Joon Haircare

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Expertise in the realm of haircare is what Joon Haircare specializes in and is a trusted name that is known for transforming the user’s experience. From shampoos, conditioners to oils, the company stands for a diverse range of reliable hair styling products that are slated to deliver exceptional results. With quality ingredients infused in their products, the haircare line has met the highest standards of excellence. The company demonstrates supremacy with their products for those who care about their tresses and unravels the beauty of hair of each user.

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Fueling growth and redefining lead generation: the experts at work

Even with a successful salon empire and a haircare laboratory to back this brand, Joon Haircare was facing challenges generating adequate leads. On top of that a poor ROAS kept them under immense stress until we the team of digital marketing specialists from Top IT Marketing took over the reins, it seemed like a big task but here is what we did.

  • We identified the constraints of the brand and their inability to bring the new hair care line to the forefront.
  • Our experts analyzed the reasons of low leads and brought a record change in their sales figures within just 30 days.

We associated with the company in March 2022 and since then there is no looking back. With amazing makeover results, the digital presence of Joon Haircare is all set to reach new heights.

Meeting the requirements with precision

  • Low leads and poor sales were the primary obstacles of this brand when they approached Top IT Marketing.
  • The ROAS looked intensely low and the company’s success looked like a far-fetched dream. But experts don’t stop and so were the digital marketing specialists of our company.
  • Despite a consistent low sales figure and equally poor leads, our efforts took the scenario by storm. No, it wasn’t possible to skyrocket the sales of Joon Haircare so soon but we did achieve the amazing makeover with sincere efforts.
The company was desperately looking forward to defy the odds on the path of success when we started and the leads we generated gradually transformed the business and took them to new heights.

Tailored Ad campaigns to address your business needs

Joon Haircare was facing immense challenges in their business with low leads and a severe lack of direction when they consulted with Top IT Marketing. They were struggling to move ahead of the competitors and wanted us to generate more leads for business success. Our specialists were equipped to handle the significant challenge this business faced and ensured success within 30 days by devising strategies tailored to the haircare business. Together we took the product line to new heights of success with tailored Google ad campaigns.

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