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Advocating the rights of the personal injury victims is the area of expertise of Jonny Law a trusted California-based legal firm. For those seeking justice and compensation, the attorneys here seemed to be the ultimate saviours. They understand how financially and emotionally distressed is those families when their loved ones suffer. That is why the legal professionals of this firm work tirelessly to bring them the right solutions in wrongful accident and death cases. The skilled attorneys here have the knowledge and dedication to take the most complex personal injury cases and advocate for the best interests of the clients.

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SEO success: Unlocking growth organically with effective strategies

Jonny Law was a personal injury firm had everything one needs to get success in the legal domain. From skilled attorneys taking up complicated cases to the experience of dealing with multiple facets of personal injury law, the firm had a few loose ends. They

  • Did not appear anywhere for primary place users searching for local law firms
  • Had poor brand visibility making it difficult for those people to reach them who had never heard of the business
  • They did not follow an effective SEO strategy, and as a result were constantly outranked by visitors.
  • Despite having a good legal team to back up for the services they could not manage to get clients
  • Less than the potential to drive traffic to website
  • No trusted viewers on the website and weak SEO foundation

The experts of TOP IT Marketing were trusted with the responsibility of generating leads and we took control of the situation very easily. Driving organic traffic from the leads was no easy task but we stood strong in the face of odds and produced excellent results:

  • Generated $ 5 million in 12months
  • Improved brand visibility through organic leads and brought them 10 clients and propelled success.
  • The client did not want to get leads through paid advertisements, so our team got them organic leads
  • Got the brand targeted traffic
  • Conducted GMB optimization
  • Earned them good online reviews

Targeting clients for improved online visibility:
meeting their requirements

  • Jonny Law was looking forward to effective strategies to tighten their business presence online
  • The law practice firm needed to improve their brand’s visibility
  • They were apprehensive about spending on paid ads and wanted to grow their online presence organically.
  • Wanted more clients to publish strong customer testimonials that help in building online credibility.
  • Prioritizing the legal services and showcasing them to get more customers

Beginning from nowhere was indeed a big challenge for the SEO experts of Top IT Marketing. We implemented tailor-made and unique optimization strategies for this client, bringing them record results within 60 days. For the business to appear in the local search results, the effectiveness of our strategies made the mark.

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Achieving digital presence

Jonny Law was not sure how to grow their law firm and bring in new clients when they approached Top IT Marketing. But they did know they did NOT want to spend thousands of dollars on ads per week to grow the firm. So we found a solution through SEO and from there to the day they surpassed the 10 new clients a month marks the story of transformation. We generated all organic leads for the firm and within 12 months made them feel satisfied with the fruits of their labor. Our method of implanting SEO strategies effectively and consistently helped the law firm achieve success online and organically.

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