Armor Max

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Armor Max is one of the leading companies specializing in armored vehicles. With cutting-edge solutions for securing vehicles inside out, the company stands at the forefront of innovation. The company has been safeguarding people’s lives and their mission is to stay at the top in our relentless pursuit of armoring vehicles. At the core of their success lies the dedication to offering superior products and services that exceed the expectations of the clients. Safety is the heart of this company and they have set the standards for securing vehicles.

Harnessing the power of SEO and PPC to boost visibility and reach




Pioneering success from leads to conversions

A top segment company like Armor Max had a flurry of deficiencies and had no defined marketing strategies. Being a niche market business, lead generation was what they were struggling with when the experts of Top IT marketing took control of the situations. The task wasn’t easy because campaigns in display, search, and partner networks. Moreover, the absences of features like a dedicated landing page, internal inquiry form, quote buttons was camouflaging the online presence of this company. They needed to:

  • Go on to the top with more leads
  • Remove specific website features
  • Remove the non-performing display ads
  • Optimize the website for better visibility

A company with an authority of armoring vehicles and offering high-quality bulletproof protection to vehicles had fallen behind with below-than-expected leads. We at Top IT Marketing took over at the need of the hour to:

  • Redefine their online visibility with robust ad campaigns
  • Optimized the webpage
  • Generated six-figure sales with massive ROAS within 30 days using Google ads

We started the Google ad campaigns from ground up and generated amazing results for the company.

Fulfilling requirements and delivering excellence

  • The team at Armor Max was in deep distress with zero leads
  • Their website lacked the appeal despite being a leader in the niche market
  • Their ad campaigns were less than result-driven

They wanted the experts of Top IT Marketing to exercise their strategies for definite lead generation. Our team took the challenge and introduced dynamic strategies of SEO and ad campaigns and let them function in tandem to enhance the brand’s visibility and established their authority in the niche market.


Boosting success and driving growth

When Armor Max sought our assistance to transform their online visibility, they were standing on a slippery slope. With declining leads and website dodges, the team was literally standing on the edge. The comprehensive and well-grounded SEO strategies and meaningful Google ad campaigns, success was bound to be etched. We created a dedicated landing page for viewers to have a thorough look at the bulletproof vehicles and ensured that they achieve their marketing objectives with precision and effectiveness.

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