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Mobile Website Design

Mobile marketing is simply put, the process of selling, generating leads and engaging prospects,clients and customers through mobile devices. Unfortunately, very few businesses are prepared for the mobile revolution. In addition to making your website responsive and/or mobile friendly, you need to update your marketing campaigns. The combination of on-the-go content consumption and smaller screen sizes means mobile marketing is a whole new ball game. Gone are the days when you could simply “turn on mobile devices” and let your campaigns run. These days, you need a dedicated approach.


Search Engine Optimization

We use a variety of tactical strategies for building a solid organic campaign for your project. We don’t only strive to get you more backlinks, rather we care more about the quality and backlink velocity because we all know how important building backlinks according to a timed schedule is. Every campaign is different since not every client website is the same, so each month we evaluate your project and pinpoint areas that would help benefit your campaign the most with an extra ‘push’ of niche relevant backlinks, complex web 2.0’s, our secret recipe of using social media backlinks – and a lot more while adjusting according to the plan that is suited best for your website.

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Social Media

Get More Exposure With Our Social Media Services
Social media management not only gets you local business exposure, but it also allows people to find your local business when they would have never found your company if it weren’t for social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. Especially, since you’re local, people will be more willing to do business with you since you can go meet with them in person in your local area.


Video Production

With YouTube being the 2nd biggest search engine in the world, it helps people understand how important having a website video production really is. Knowing this helps people make the decision of adding a beautiful and visually entertaining video commercial about their company and their products or services.

Top It Marketing offers the best video production service for extremely affordable prices. We employ animation graduates and movie making veterans that have superb talent in video creation and video editing. Each video commercial we create is custom tailored specifically to the clients requirements and we also offer free revisions on any video creation that is ordered. Not only that, Top It Marketing also offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee and every video you order is 100% yours to keep! We take pride in our niche video production services and we would like a chance to dazzle you with our skillful talents.


Video Spokesperson

Our video spokespeople department can record and produce any sort of video review for you; except for explicit content. Go ahead, get crazy and creative with your business. Most importantly, increase your website conversions while having Top It Marketing create these professional video spokesperson videos. When you visually represent and associate your company with a human figure on video, it automatically helps build trust with your consumer.